Thursday, March 31, 2011

Past Month Updates!

It's been another month already, time flies by fast. So far? I've been on a couple of interviews, but so far no luck. It's completely frustrating, there are many times that I just want to give up and settle into a stuffy finance office job. But I know that I can't give in and you know what...I won't.

Many months ago, my uncle asked me if there was any job in the world that you could do for free--- what would you do?

My answer? Opening up my own bakery. I'd even settle for just working in one.

I'd never knew how hard it would be to start at the bottom, but even dishwashers need experience right? RIGHT. Unfortunately I have none.

This week I get another, "We regret to inform you response..." Although it's a step up from having an interview and waiting for that phone call or email and you get nothing for weeks.

In other news, I have officially finished my flowers and cake design class. Whoo hoo! 2 classes down and 1 more to go. The class deals with mostly fondant and gum paste...exciting! :) I actually can't wait til some of my friends start to get married, I love the idea of making someone's dream wedding cake (cheesy I know :) Of course, I'll need more practice and hopefully I'll have a few more years of practice. Oh the possibilities of what you can do with cake! Below I've posted a couple of pictures of my practice cakes and cupcakes. Enjoy! Have a great rest of the week everyone (Cheers to those who get Cesar Chavez day off like me! heh).

I love piping in print only, sorry no cursive here. (This is part of my cousin's birthday cupcakes :)

My second cake project! It was so much fun piping the basket edge! :) I wish I had plain white sheet cakes to practice on...wouldn't it be cool to head to Costco bakery after hours? hehehe

This is not one of my cupcakes, but I thought it was a really sweet gesture. I got a pair of cutie cupcakes from my interview in Brentwood. Crazy, since after I left I went straight on a 6 hour drive to SF (let that excuse my bad picture taking skills)