Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cakes Galore!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I spent the weekend in my kitchen baking like a busy bee! Of course I was multitasking by baking, frosting, decorating, and watching the Laker game! Game 5 is on tonight (hint hint) :)

I had my very FIRST order this past week! How exciting! I can't wait to go back to school and start my certificate program. I think I've narrowed it down to just 2 schools, but I'll leave you in suspense! haha

Here is the red velvet cake with buttercream! The colors were purple, peach, and dark brown. ;)

Here are the chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream! Although I have found out that almond buttercream is just as delicious! :)

This past week was also another birthday in my office! I did it to her request, teal colors with chocolate and red velvet cake inside (I think it turned out nicely! :)

And here's what it looked like on the inside!

Oh and last but not least, I finished my 3 month cake decorating class...yesterday! I'm going to miss my group of girls. Hope we continue to keep it touch! Here is my final cake project:

In the spirit of Easter...

Thanks to my photographer, my mom! :)

Have a great week everyone, May is almost here!

Friday, April 15, 2011

NorCal or SoCal?

Hi my fellow readers!

Much has changed in this past week. Really. So I have decided to go back to school and earn a Certificate of Achievement in the Baking and Pastry Arts field. Yay! Instead of paying for a spot at the fancy smancy Culinary Schools which by the way costs $$$, I am going to be taking them at a Community College. I've narrowed my choices to 4 schools all within California. I have 2 that are located in Southern California and 2 located in Northern California.

I'm really excited about this new path that I am taking it feels like a step towards the right direction. All classes start in beginning or early August which means I need to start applying and search for housing if I decide that the program in NorCal suits me better. It's quite scary and intimidating, but the opportunities after I finish seem amazing! Most schools that have the Pastry and Baking Arts Program involve intern or externships and help prepare you with the tools to start at an entry-level job in the field. Whoo hoo! It'll be quite nice to be excited to go to class for once... :)

So this past month I have been baking an abnormal amount (especially with Easter coming too), so I have posted some pictures (courtesy of my amazing mom who loves to snap pictures like crazy!) of my baking projects. Enjoy and have a great weekend everyone!