Sunday, July 24, 2011

I need taste testers! Anyone?

This has been one of the longest weeks I've had in a while!

First off, being unemployed is extremely frustrating! Frankly I don't know how much longer I can stand it! To be honest this past week I just wanted to quit, quit it all. And you know start collecting cans on the street. And that my friends is what rejection after rejection does to me.

But that was a momentary lapse of judgement. I'm back and ready to hit the ground running!

Tonight, I took a break from job searching/applying and did something super fun, premature but fun! I decided to go on craigslist and browse the bedrooms for rent in SF. It is SO exciting looking at "my future home" (or for at least the next 2-3 years). I can really just imagine being there and learning even more amazing things about the culinary world and myself for starters. And if that makes ANY sense is what helps me to keep going on this endless job hunt (which is Part I of my so-called master plan).

This week I also did another video with my awesome cousin, and my grandma who stopped by to watch and in turn ended up being in the video! :) I'm saving this video forever, FOREVER.
If you haven't watched it please do! I'm posting it below:

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So this past week, was my dear friend Wing's birthday! She's been in Minnesota, and came back to SoCal for a few weeks (then she's off to St. Louis!). Well she absolutely loves, loves, loves Nutella--- really who doesn't? So I did a spin on a Nutella cupcake. I combined a few recipes from a couple of really cool blogs I found:

So the final cupcake product turned out to be a Nutella Cupcake, with buttercream, drizzled over chocolate ganache and almonds! :) Check out the blogs above if you have the chance!

Also, I've been looking for taste testers! Really, because after video shoots or my experiments in the kitchen I am left with a TON of leftovers. So if you are ever in the TC area let me know!

Thanks! Happy Sunday everyone!

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