Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bring it on 2012! I'm ready!

Hi readers! Happy 2012!

To start off the brand new spanking year, I had my first order of 2012! Yay! Here are some sparkly New Year's Cupcakes! They are Red Velvet with a tangy cream cheese frosting! Super yummy.

Before I send you off and running (to go and watch the Laker game---yes the NBA is back!), the recipe that I used was fantastic! If you are looking for a very moist and tender red velvet cupcake, you've found it here. For the cream cheese frosting, its not so sweet but has a tang from the added extra cream cheese which makes it really creamy! And its fantastic because its not an overpowering amount of powdered sugar that goes in here. So please check out the linked blogs for great recipes, you won't regret it!

Special thanks to: "Carrot Top" Mom and Our Best Bites blog!

 All of the decorations (besides the sprinkles) are fondant dusted with edible glitter. To make the curls, I cut out strips of fondant (they don't have to be perfectly straight) and used the tip of a small paint brush to get the even curled look. To get the edible glitter to stick to the fondant, the box suggests using lemon juice or clear vanilla extract and mix a small amount of the glitter (because it goes a long way!). I ended up using a water/edible glitter combo to brush it on the fondant (which is cheaper if you don't have the clear extracts on hand).

Thanks for reading! Have a safe, healthy, and happy start to the year! Cheers!

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