Thursday, May 31, 2012

Greetings from San Francisco!

1 month folks! I'm excited beyond belief to go back to school, something I thought I'd never ever hear myself say in a million years. But DVC is just literally around the corner and I'm finally ready.

Oh gosh, how long has it been since I blogged? Sorry about that. Procrastination, I know.

Now, I don't have any pictures for you BUT I do have a great recipe to recommend to you.

Chocolate and fudge lovers rejoice! This frosting is pure amazing chocolately fudgy goodness (no buttercream lovers to be found here). In all seriousness, this is really the easiest recipe to make. No creaming of the butter and sugar, and no whisking egg whites til your arm hurts. For this lovely recipe you will need, a non-stick pan, whisk, and spatula.

You will find this recipe at this dessert blog, Desserts for Breakfast.

This frosting is purely for icing a beautiful layered cake, or cupcakes with a spatula. I wouldn't recommend using this frosting to make your fanciful swirls on cupcakes. I would also recommend that you make the frosting first (as it needs hours of cooling time to thicken up) and your cake batter second. It really is a time saver : )

Early next week, I'm going to be putting up an official website for T-Cakes! Super excited, stay tuned and I will link you to the website in another post. 

As always, thanks for reading. Enjoy this wonderful weekend! Happy Early June : )


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