Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cupcake Bouquets!

Hi ho folks! I decided to get into that fabulous fall mode. October has been a super busy month! It really is the best time of the year. With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in the days ahead, the ideas to make even more fabulous delicious treats are endless and that makes me super excited!

My first project was a fantabulous cupcake bouquet. Please, tell me how come I've never done this before? This is really such an awesome idea because it can be an awesome gift, centerpiece, or surprise for a dear family member or friend! For those who are just starting this project for the first time, I advise that you research, cut coupons, and research!

From what I have experienced:

  •  You need a great buttercream and cake recipe that will not only give you a moist and delicious cake but one that is firm enough to hold on the styrofoam. 
  • I know that this tip has been mentioned before, but don't frost the cupcakes until you have placed them on top of the styrofoam! It is amazingly easier! 
  • Colorful Tissue Paper, Ribbons, and other plastic leaves can help you hide the holes or gaps in your bouquet. 
  • If you purchase a styrofoam ball make sure you use a coupon because they are extremely pricey! Also, you will need a fairly large knife/saw to cut the styrofoam ball in half. (Young kids performing this project should ask an adult to cut it for them because it can be dangerous if you aren't careful :)
  • A great edible glue is royal icing! It dries hard to a matte finish. (All you need is meringue powder, a little bit of water, and powdered sugar)
Hope this helps! Here is my first bouquet, I made it for my dear friend Stephanie (who absolutely loved it!)

Stay tuned folks for more pictures! And always thanks for reading! Have a super wonderful week!

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