Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fondant Toppers!

Hi everyone! Happy June :) Summer is almost here and honestly I can barely tell. haha Although the warm weather will be oh so NICE!

This past weekend I was able to make some green fondant toppers for a baptism party. It was quite festive! I really loved the colors Chartreuse-green and blue. Although initially I couldn't get the shade of Chartreuse just right, I think the blue (ish teal) and white went along with it quite nicely. Some things just work out like that.
Since I made about 125 toppers, blending in the colors were exhausting! I like to call it massaging the fondant in five different colors before it turned a somewhat pretty Chartreuse color. Are you still with me? :) So here are the pictures! Enjoy.

A close up! :)

See how they match? 

My many shades of "Chartreuse" =)

A closer look...

The Final Display! So Beautiful! YAY :)

 So I have to hand it to Naomi, her camera does take better pictures. Great zoom quality! Thanks! Anyway if any is curious how I cut the cross, it was actually very simple. I used a diagonal plastic sandwich cutter. Interesting I know, I was browsing around the Dollar Tree and there it was. heh :)

On a side note, I do have an interview tomorrow! My very first kitchen test, here goes nothing! Have a great week everyone! holla.

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